Instructions for the fastest and most accurate w88 withdrawal transaction

How to withdraw W88? What types of transactions does this house offer? When players want to withdraw money at W88, what information do they need to provide? If you want to know more about this topic, then please refer to the article below for more details!

Instructions for the most detailed steps to withdraw W88 money

If gamers win when playing online betting at W88. Then requires the player to make a withdrawal transaction at the house. If you don’t know how to do it, just follow these steps:

W88 Withdrawal 01
Instructions for the most detailed steps to withdraw W88 money

Step 1: Conduct the fund transfer

To conduct a withdrawal at the W88 house, gamers need to transfer funds to their main account. Everyone can understand that this form will give the required amount from the account of the betting forms such as: online casino, sports, shooting fish, slot game, online lottery, P2P, … return to the main account. In the “w88 withdrawal” section, select “transfer funds” and then fill in the following information:

Fund transfer source: select the source of funds in the type of entertainment that you want to transfer. Each fund will have 1 corresponding account. For example: a player wants to withdraw money at an online casino, then click on the corresponding item.

Funds received: At this point, gamers should choose the main account to receive the funds to proceed with the next withdrawal steps.

The amount of the fund will be transferred: please enter the exact amount you want to transfer

After you finish filling in the information, the player clicks on “confirm” to perform the fund transfer. Note if these steps have been done before then go to step 2.

Step 2: Update bank information

To withdraw money with a bank account, players need to fully update their bank account information. When conducting w88 withdrawal, the system will notify you to update correct banking information. This means that you must complete the following information:

W88 Withdrawal 2
Players need to update their bank information when withdrawing W88 money


Bank branch

Bank address

Gamer’s bank account number


Remove bank account information: To ensure better security. Then the player can delete the information about the bank account registered with W88 at any time.

In addition, the W88 house supports players to different bank accounts on the same player’s registered account

Step 3: withdraw money via wire transfer

After the player has completed the above 2 steps. Next, please click on the “withdrawal” item at the W88 account interface. Here, please select “bank transfer” and proceed to fill in the following information:

Withdrawal amount: choose the exact amount you want to withdraw. Note, shorten 3 zeros for the amount you want to withdraw

Bank: select the bank where you want to make the withdrawal

Bank branch: enter the address where you want to open a bank account with your chosen bank

Bank account name: completely and accurately fill in your bank account name and number

Bank account number: fill in the most complete and accurate bank account number

Phone number: enter the phone number registered for the account

Click on “notify me via mobile text message”. If the player wants to receive SMS notification about the withdrawal to the account.

Note when withdrawing

W88 Withdrawal 3
Notes when withdrawing

When making a withdrawal transaction at W88, gamers only need to wait 10-15 minutes for the money to be transferred to the bank account. There are still cases where the money has not been transferred to the account for 1-3 hours, it is most likely due to the bank’s delay in processing information.

The bank account you provide must be the original owner, the information on the bank account must match the information registered for the account at the W88 dealer.

To avoid delays during the transaction, players should fill out all information. The main purpose is to make sure that there is nothing wrong with anything in order to get the money faster.

If you have any questions regarding withdrawals at W88. Then people can directly contact the house’s customer service team for immediate support and advice.

What are the conditions when making a w88 withdrawal?

Currently, there are many gamblers who are interested in the conditions when making withdrawals at W88. If the player does not provide complete information, the transaction will be very difficult and impossible to complete. Understanding this problem, the article has summarized the conditions when trading at the W88 house. Specifically:

Choose a bank that the W88 bookie supports with withdrawal

For quick transactions, people should choose banks that are affiliated with the W88 house. This makes it easy for players to withdraw money. Note, you must use the original bank account. If you do not have an account at the banks that W88 supports, you should open an account immediately.

W88 Withdrawal 4
Learn about the banks supported by W88 with withdrawals

Know the currencies that the W88 house offers when trading

Currently, the W88 house supports deposit and withdrawal with many different currencies. This helps many gamers in countries in Europe and Asia to participate. All currencies that players trade at the W88 dealer consider to be valid are completed very briefly and quickly. This is also the reason that has helped this house attract many players to register for an account and stick with it for a long time. Therefore, you need to choose the right currency.

Personal information must be provided accurately

Currently, the W88 house assures all its members that your personal information will be absolutely safe. That is why the regulations when making transactions at W88 require gamers to fill in correctly. And this information must match the entries when you register for the bookie’s account. Because when gamers provide standard information, the transaction will be done very quickly and smoothly.

W88 Withdrawal
Personal information must be provided accurately

Regulations on withdrawal time of W88

For the first time making a withdrawal transaction at the W88 house, the player’s account information will be verified by the house. Therefore, the withdrawal time at this house usually takes longer than the next ones. The amount of time required for withdrawal depends on the processing of the bank and the user. For first-time withdrawal accounts, the time to pour money into personal accounts is within 24 hours at the latest.


Above are detailed information about the fastest w88 withdrawal instructions for your reference. Hope the above article will bring many useful things to you. Everyone, please regularly visit our website every day to read the most useful articles.