W88 – Prestigious bookmaker website – Official W88 bookmarker link 2022

W88 is known as one of the most reputable bookmakers in Asia. This is an entertainment playground that contains many extremely attractive betting products.  Register to become a member of the bookmaker, players will have the opportunity to receive many amazing promotions. The following is some detailed information about W88 for everyone’s reference.

Access to W88 mobile link is not blocked

When coming to any bookmaker, everyone is very interested in finding reputable affiliates.  The same goes for W88, people often want to find links to W88 mobi without being blocked.  But you wonder which link is trustworthy? Which is the unblocked official link?

  Link to the most prestigious W88 currently

My recommendation for you guys is to access the link… This is the official link of W88 bookmaker.  Players accessing this address can completely rest assured without worrying about being cheated of money and personal information stolen. Besides this official link, W88 also offers a lot of backup links for everyone to choose to access when the network is congested or in case the official link is blocked.

What is W88?

W88 is known as a leading prestigious bookmaker in Asia. It is operated by MARQUEE HOLDINGS LTD group.  This is one of the most famous corporations in Asia.  Since its establishment until now, W88 has had more than 15 years of operation in the individual market.  Moreover, this is one of the world’s leading brands of prestige.


The house offers many interesting entertainment products for everyone to choose.  These products are in all fields, helping you guys never get bored. Besides, when it comes to legality, W88 is licensed by First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation (CEZA). CEZA is an organization under the Philippine government. This organization specializes in granting operating licenses to hundreds and thousands of reputable bookmakers.

During its operation so far, W88 has always created a civilized and fair entertainment playground.  All player accounts are strictly confidential technical information. Besides, the bookmaker also creates a safe betting playground for all members. No matter who the player is, he can never cheat during the game.

Register W88

To be able to participate in betting games at W88, people need to create an account at the bookie. Here is some steps to create an account:

W88 Register
Instructions for creating a W88 account
  • Step 1: Visit the homepage of the W88 bookmaker
  • Step 2: Click on “W88 Register” located at the top right corner of the screen
  • Step 3: Fill in the information that appears on the screen.  Specifically:

   *  Login name: You can enter any username you like.

   *  Password: Create a password that you want

  *  Re-enter password: You will re-enter the characters you just entered to create a password.

   * Choose a currency: Choose the appropriate currency.

  * First and last name: Please note that you need to fill in your first and last name correctly.  The surname you create needs to be the real name recorded in the ID card, card identification and card bank.

   * E-mail: Enter the email address that you frequently use.

   * Phone number: Enter the phone number that you frequently use.

   * Date of birth: Please fill in the date, month and year of birth.

  • Step 4: After completing the required information, click on the “Register” box in the bottom corner.

 Download W88 app

W88 allows you to experience the game on the application when downloading it directly to the device.  The current W88 version application is suitable for both Android and iOS operating systems. The specific actions to be performed are:

Download W88
How to download the W88 application?

Detailed steps to download W88 iOS application

To download W88 app to your iOS device, you need to do the following steps:

  • Step 1: Visit W88’s homepage
  • Step 2: Click on the “download” item with the phone icon
  • Step 3: Choose to download the iOS version.
  • Step 4: Click “Confirm” when receiving the message “Confirmation of downloading W88 mobile application”
  • Step 5: “Install the app” by clicking on the “install” 
  • Step 6: Go to Phone Settings, choose to trust the application by performing the following tasks: Click “Settings” -> “General settings” -> “Device management” -> >  “Shanghai UE Supply Chain”.
  • Step 7: You open the application and register an account and then experience.

Detailed steps to download the W88 Android application

In addition to iOS phones, players can download the W88 application to the Android operating system.  The steps are also very simple. Detailed:

  • Step 1: Access the homepage of the W88 bookmaker
  • Step 2: You also click on the “download application” item in the shape of a phone
  • Step 3: Choose to download the Android version
  • Step 4: Install W88 Mobile Android.  When you finish downloading the application, you will receive a complete notification and an “open” message in the right corner, located at the bottom of the screen.  Players just need to press “open” to easily install the application.

Deposit into W88

To be able to participate in betting, players just creating an account is not enough.You also need to deposit money into your account to be able to experience these super products. The deposit methods that W88 implements are very diverse.  Players can choose any configuration.  In which, the tasks to be performed are:

  • Step 1: Visit the homepage of W88
  • Step 2: Log in and select “W88 Deposit
  • Step 3: Choose the appropriate deposit format.


The operations to be performed when the player chooses the form of bank transfer are:

Transfer W88
  Deposit into W88 via transfer 
  • Step 4: Choose the deposit amount
  • Step 5: Select the bank account
  • Step 6: Choose the deposit method
  • Step 7: Choose a deposit date
  • Step 8: Choose the bank where you have an account
  • Step 9: Reference Enter number
  • Step 10: Choose a deposit wallet
  • Step 11: Enter promo code
  • Step 12: Click on the item “Send money”

Deposit via e-wallet

When choosing to deposit via e-wallet, players can choose to deposit via Momo or bankroll.  In which:

Deposit via Momo

The actions that you need to do are:

  •   Step 4: Fill in the deposit amount
  •   Step 5: Choose a wallet deposit
  •   Step 6: Fill in the promotion
  •   Step 7: Click on “deposit”

Deposit via the bankroll

The tasks performed are similar to when players deposit money through Momo.  However, the deposit limit of the bankroll is lower than that of Momo.

Deposit via Internet banking

If you choose to deposit via Internet Banking, you will proceed to deposit via Quick Online. The steps to take are:

Deposit W88
  Make a deposit via internet banking
  •   Step 4: Choose the deposit amount
  •   Step 5: Choose the bank
  •   Step 6: Choose a wallet to send money
  •   Step 7: Enter promo code
  •   Step 8: Click on “Deposit”.

Payment via QR code scan

For the form of payment through scanning the QR code, players can choose the form of QR code or online QR. You guys still make the basic operations of filling in the deposit amount, choosing a bank, choosing a deposit wallet, filling in a promotion and then clicking “Send money”.  For the online QR format, players need to fill in a bank of information.

 Top-up game card

 With a format top-up card game, you need to do some of the same acts as when loading a format money transfer.  That is choose the deposit amount, account bank, deposit method, deposit date, user bank, reference number, deposit wallet and promotion.  When finished entering the player information, click “send money”.

Deposit by phone card

The final form to deposit into W88 is via phone card. Players can choose phone scratch card 2 or phone scratch card 3. The cost of each type will be different.  In particular, the basic tasks to be performed are still:

Transfer W88
 Players deposit by phone cards
  • Step 4: The player chooses mobile network operator
  • Step 5: Choose the recharge amount
  • Step 6: Fill in the information about the code card
  • Step 7: You enter the serial number
  • Step 8: The player chooses to deposit the wallet
  • Step 9: Enter the promo code
  • Step 10: Players click on “Deposit”.

In particular, if you want to use any deposit method regularly, you can choose that method as the default.

W88 withdrawal

When becoming a member of W88, players can also withdraw money if they participate in betting and win.The operations to make a withdrawal are not too difficult.  And currently, the bookmaker only allows players to make withdrawals to the bank account.  Therefore, you need to fill in your bank account information before making a withdrawal.

W88 Withdrawal
How to make W88 withdrawals?
  • Step 1: Log in to their account at the W88 bookmaker
  • Step 2: Choose  “ W88 withdrawal ” 
  • Step 3: Then choose the amount to withdraw
  • Step 4: Click “withdraw money” to complete.

When withdrawing money, you should note:

If you withdraw the bonus, you need to ensure enough betting round turnover

Must enter a withdrawal amount less than or equal to the amount in the account.

W88 Promotion

To welcome new members, grateful to old members, VIP members, W88 bookmaker provides many promotions to everyone. They are:

Promotion for new members

The promotions W88 bookie offers for new members are:

Promotions W88
  • New players joining A sports, E sports, X Can sports will get 100% bonus.
  • If you guys participating in the slot game will have the opportunity to receive great promotions.
  • New players get hot rewards
  • New members get 20% instant bonus on the first deposit.
  • Invite friends will receive attractive gifts.
  • Account confirmation is successful, you will receive gift money immediately.

Promotions for categories

The next promotion that W88 implements for members is promotions in categories. From sports betting to casino, slots to lottery, … all are fully implemented by the bookmaker with special offers. Detailed:

W88 sports hot promotion

  • Race to the top of “Year of Ren Yin” for a chance to receive super lucky money in 2022
  • Everyone who who participate in New Year’s bets have a chance to get fortune
  • Players are rewarded with reloads at C sports daily up to 10%
  • The “ Nhịp cầu sân cỏ” program offers the opportunity for you to receive rewards every day 
  • Predict that with Crystal Palace & Leicester City will have the opportunity to receive hot rewards
  • At E sports, W88 implements a program to refund 100% of bets on losing bets 5+
  • W88’s refund program for sports category range from 0.2 to 0.3%
  • New players will have the attractive opportunity to receive 100% bonus at A sports, E sports, X sports 

 What are Casino promotions?

Casino is one of the categories that gives players a lot of interesting things. The most interesting are superhot promotions such as:

  • The chance to get lucky at the beginning of the year at the very hot European casino Club Evolution
  • New spring casino players have the opportunity to receive great rewards
  • Everyone racing to the top of the “Year of Ren Yin” will have the opportunity to receive super lucky money
  • W88 deploys lucky bets to give players the opportunity to win instant bonuses right at the online casino lobby
  • Players participate in the bets at Club W Premier / gold with the opportunity to win great prizes
  • Christmas players will have the opportunity to win huge prizes.  In which, you participate at Live casino club massimo
  • Players participating in 1 – 3 – 5 combo baccarat tournaments will get hot rewards
  • Everyone who join club W – online casino receive up to 10% bonus on daily reload
  • Players participating in baccarat super 88 will have the opportunity to receive super huge rewards
  • Promotional slot games

For the special promotion slot, you will have the opportunity to receive attractive rewards at W88 such as:

Promotions W88 1
 W88 promotion for category slots
  • The opportunity to receive a bonus at the beginning of the year when exploding a golden jar to get treasure
  • Players participating in the race to the top of the “Year of Ren Yin” get the opportunity to receive super lucky money in the new year 2022
  • W88 launches a big program of winning at the beginning of the year at the play’n go slot
  • Join Microgaming, you will get great rewards
  • Explode the jar, pick up gold at W88 offers the opportunity to receive interesting rewards
  • The god of fortune knocks on the door to the opportunity to get lucky at the beginning of the year at the Pragmatic slot
  • Happy New Year 2002, W88 offers the opportunity to develop fortune with the game of spade
  • Refund Slot programat at W88 up to 0.2%
  • W88 implements a program to refund slot games up to 1%
  •   Join a slot game but lose, players will receive weekly and daily refunds.

Promotion of other games

At other games, W88 also implements promotions such as:

  • The promotion of “War gods shooting fish” offers the opportunity to receive a lot of rewards 
  • “W88 Opening festival” game offers opportunity for players to play Vietnamese games and win very hot new year bonuses
  • Players participating in the race to the top ” Year of Ren Yin” have the opportunity to receive super lucky money in the new year 2022
  • To welcome the new year, you guys have the opportunity to receive up to 75% more bonus points
  • Become a great fish hunter, players get super hot rewards every day
  • Join “ Great battle of the blue sea” , you will have a chance hit the jackpot when you play well
  • Players who log in every day will have the opportunity to receive huge rewards
  • When you level up, you will have the opportunity to receive great rewards
  • W88 has a program to refund up to 0.25% for many categories. Specifically like Thor, Lucky Derby, Rock-paper-scissors, Ladder, PK10, online Last two numbers of the first prize

What promotions do online lottery games have?

For the lottery section, W88 offers super promotions such as:

  • Guess the number at the beginning of the year and get the chance to win fortune for the whole year
  • For welcome the new year program, players will have the opportunity to receive 75% more bonus points
  • Lottery games has refund to the program to 0.25%
  • You will have a chance to hit the jackpot when you betting right at lottery games
  • Keno and GPI lottery have a 0.4% instant policy return 

  Promotion for VIP

Particularly for VIP members, W88 deploys many attractive promotion such as:

Promotions W88 Vip
 What promotions do VIP W88 members enjoy?
  • Join “Explosion of the golden jar” , you will win a thousand treasures at the first slot of the year
  • The opportunity to receive gifts when players participate in the program of “War gods shooting fish”
  • European casino club Evolution offers a chance to receive a superhot New Year’s bonus
  • W88 launches “ Welcome new year” program to provide  great rewards for casino players
  • Players participating in “W88 Opening festival” of the Vietnamese gaming platform will receive a huge reward at the beginning of the year
  • To celebrate the Lunar New Year, you have the opportunity to receive lucky money when buying game cards up to 8.5%.
  • Players who guess the number at the beginning of the year will have the opportunity to receive fortune for the whole year
  • Join the bet, you will have the opportunity to win the fortune every day
  • To welcome the new year, you guys will have the opportunity to receive 75% more bonus points
  • C Sports launches a 10% daily reload bonus program
  • Become a fish hunter, players receive weekly rewards
  • Join “ Rhythm of football”, you will be rewarded every day in the Sports section
  • Join the Great battle of the blue sea, players have the opportunity to receive great rewards
  • W88 launches a lucky bet ticket program for you to win instant prizes at online casino

W88 Reviews

To help you guys have an overview of W88, the following are detailed reviews of the bookmaker.

Review W8
W88 cooperates with major partners

Leicester City’s main partner

W88 is a large bookmaker, the leading prestige in Asia.  Therefore, W88 has cooperated with many major partners, showing a certain influence.  Starting from the 2018 – 2019 season, W88 has become the main partner of Leicester City club in the Premier League.  Author cooperation was signed on June 28, 2018.  This cooperation has helped both W88 and Leicester City achieve much success.

 The main bookmaker Crystal Palace supports

Not only is Leicester City’s main partner, W88 is also the main sponsor for Crystal Palace.  In particular, in the home and away jerseys of Crystal Palace, all have the bookmaker’s logo.  W88 officially became a sponsor for Crystal Palace starting from the 2019 – 2020 season. So far, the relationship between Crystal Palace and W88 is still very good.

Brand Ambassador Brian Lara

To further strengthen its position in the betting market, W88 signed a contract with Brian Lala to be the brand ambassador.  It is this cooperation that has helped the bookmaker to expand more betting products in cricket.  The reason is because Brian Lala is the best cricket player in history.  At the same time, this also increases the brand strength of the bookmaker.

W88 Bralal
Brian Lala is the brand ambassador of W88

Brian Lala becoming a brand ambassador to support W88 is huge in the potential of the plan to develop fish.  The cooperation of this brand ambassador with W88 is a win-win cooperation, mutual development.

Support customers

It can be said when interviewing any member at the W88 bookie about customer service. Most of them appreciate the professional and dedicated support of W88. Customer care staff is very well trained and has a very high sense of responsibility. They always work 24/7 to advise and support gamers at any time including Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, New Year,…  Various games at W88

Variety of games at W88

Currently, there are many gamers interested in W88’s game product categories. The main purpose is to get information about what these casinos have to offer and to come up with a suitable game plan. Understanding that, the article has summarized information about the separate betting products of the bookie. Detailed:

Game W88
W88 implements attractive entertainment

Sports betting

Currently, the betting games in the sports hall of the W88 bookmaker are very diverse and attractive. Moreover, the types of bets of this bookmaker are updated very regularly from big and small tournaments. All of these bets are offered daily by top experts. The special thing is that W88’s odds of extremely high accuracy are continuously updated. And at the football betting section of the bookmaker, there are thousands of attractive matches.

Not only the system of rafters such as Asian rafters, European rafters, Over – Under, … W88 also includes vibration and oblique rafters for players to choose from.  All bookie odds are determined by a team of experienced professionals with high accuracy.  According to the evaluation of longtime players, W88 is a house with a very high standard of ratio and eating.

Online Casino

Come to W88 online casino, everyone will experience the most attractive games.  Currently, this reputable house has an online casino that contains a lot of attractive games. Not only that, the maximum bet that W88 regulates is up to 30,000,000 VND

W88’s online gambling game

Currently, W88 offers 3 official casinos for players to choose from.  Depending on the game session, the house offers different levels.  You can easily choose many attractive games such as: baccarat, roulette, blackjack, poker, … And all games are designed with a beautiful, friendly interface and high payout ratio.  .

W88 card game

Currently, in the card game lobby of W88, there are many unique card games that are very popular in Asia and Europe such as: blackjack, poker, baccarat, … In each table of these card games there are eye-catching graphics and very detailed instructions.  Moreover, the payout rate of these games is extremely high. Thanks to these outstanding factors, the W88 card game lobby is popular with many gamers.

W88  slot games 

In the W88 slot game category, there are many hottest and hottest bonus games today. Besides, these games also have extremely attractive payout percentages along with diverse bet levels. This helps gamers have a wider choice of bets and have the best experience.  

Lottery –  W88 Lotto online

It can be said that the lottery lobby – W88 Lotto online  is an indispensable betting product for betting players. These games offer a variety of special bets and huge bonuses. More specifically, W88 also has a team of experts specializing in providing VIP numbers. The main purpose is to help players have a higher winning rate.

Lotery W88
  Attractive lottery – W88 Lotto online

 Frequently asked questions

There are many new players who sign up for W88 accounts and ask a lot of questions about the same game services.  The main goal is to get to know this organization better and come up with the most effective method of playing.  Therefore, the following article will share frequently asked questions at W88.  Specifically:

W88 is cheating?

No, W88 is a legally established online bookmaker with a huge membership. Because this bookmaker is operated by MARQUEE HOLDINGS LTD – This is one of the most famous corporations in Asia. Therefore, you can be completely assured when registering an account and playing games at this address.

Can I register multiple accounts at W88?

No, currently W88 only allows 1 player to register 1 member account.  This bookmaker requires each account to provide information about their name, bank card, … are all rightful owners.  So everyone needs to take note of this before opening an account at W88.

Deposits and withdrawals at W88 have fees?

No, now there are no fees for depositing and withdrawing money at W88.  This one cooperates with many world famous banks to make the transaction process of gamers faster and more convenient.  There are many gamers who rate the transactions at W88 as very fast and diverse, the money transfer process is quick.


Above are detailed general information about the prestigious W88 bookmaker and highlights for your reference.  Hopefully, the above article will be useful for you and help you better understand the bookmaker.  Everyone please remember to visit our website regularly every day to read the most helpful additional articles.